Now, into the 21st century’s third decade, it’s clear that 20th century marketing practices are either quickly fading away or they’re becoming increasingly complex. A myriad of factors, including technology, global crises and social awareness are shaping the way advertisers must approach their messaging moving forward. Davis Elen continues to look ahead, embracing today’s newest ideas and tools, while anticipating what tomorrow will bring. With that in mind, we offer a new set of rules and best practices to more effectively reach retail audiences.

When it came to rethinking new retail, it was a team effort. And some of our teammates want to tell you all about that thinking. And rethinking.

Responsive image A chat with Greg Ahearn

Utilizing Loyalty Programs

Greg shares his insight on how brands can utilize loyalty programs to build a relationship with their audiences.

Responsive image A chat with Jessica Westlake

Global Brand Positioning

Jessica offers her thoughts about how a global brand can be positioned across highly nuanced hyper-local regions for maximum success.

Responsive image A chat with Alejandro Clopatofsky

Engaging Multi­cultural Audiences

Alejandro shares his thoughts on how retailers can engage multicultural audiences more effectively and authentically.

Responsive image A chat with Lynette Birdsall

Capitalizing on the Sharing Economy

Lynette breaks down how retailers can capitalize on the burgeoning sharing economy.

We put our thinking behind the Rules of New Retail to the test every day. And we’ve got the case studies — and timesheets — to prove it.

Chasing the latest trends and news in retail is pretty much like herding cats but we give it our best every month. Allergies be damned.

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Social Commerce

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Holiday Shopping


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